A Request

Hello, Dear Blog and Facebook Friends, I feel so privileged by the comments, “likes,” and sharing of my blog posts and poems. This time last year, I never dreamed that others would be inspired, challenged, or just amused by my thoughts. I was asked yesterday, “How do you come up with something everyday?” And that’s a very good question – “I don’t know!” Sometimes I read a quote on Facebook that makes me think. Sometimes, I’ve got a scripture on my mind that I just need to delve into a little deeper and develop. Often, someone during the day will say something, and I’ll think, “That’s a blog!” So, if you’re around me very much, don’t be shocked, if. . . LOL! Sorry, in advance.

I have a request – If you have been following my blog or Facebook page, can you think of one person, who might also enjoy it and share it with them? That’s the only way the number of readers will grow. I appreciate it when you share my posts. If something touches you personally, please, comment. I try to answer each one because it means so much. I was told that what I am doing is making a difference. I’m honored and humbled, and I just wanted to thank you, my Friends, because you have truly made a difference in my life, too. God Bless, Courtney

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3 thoughts on “A Request

  1. Cindi Thompson shared a link that I followed. She inspires me with her example pf Christian womanhood, so i knew I had to check out your blog!

    1. I agree! Cindi is a wonderful example of a Christian woman! Thank you!

  2. I am so proud of you–I think you are reaching out to lots of people and making a positive difference in their lives. God bless you!!

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