New Writing Schedule Published

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to make you aware that Scripture Writing Schedule 1.13 has now been published. People ask me, “Why do you do it? Isn’t it a lot of work?” And, it is, but I enjoy the “searching the scriptures” that it requires. Afterwards, I can’t wait to get to that schedule. I make them up far enough in advance, that it’s all new to me by the time I get to them. Of course – it’s because I’m getting old and forgetful that made me start searching for a Scripture Writing schedule that had a memory verse so that I might”hide Thy Word in my heart.” (Psalms 119:11)

The new Scripture Writing Schedule’s topics are: Self-Control; Salvation; Walk the Walk, and Talk the Talk. I hope that you enjoy them! God Bless, Courtney

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