Are You Happy?

Today, I was asked, “Are you happy? Do you like your job?” Now – this was asked after the 10th person in less than an hour had asked me a question at the office door and I’d answered at least 6-7 phone calls and a number of emails. Still, I was surprised. Of course, I like my job! I LOVE my job! Not only am I doing something to help others, I’m surrounded by the most amazing work family! That’s how I view my co-workers – they’re my extended family. I’ve got their back, and they’ve got mine. While I might never have a moment when there aren’t twenty things I need to be doing, happiness isn’t determined by what is going on around me. Happiness comes from within.

So, if someone asked you tomorrow, “Are you happy?” What would you say? God Bless, Courtney

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  1. Good question!!

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