The Program Will Work, If. . .

Have you met someone who successfully followed that diet plan and kept the weight off? How does a “recovering addict,” – well, recover? I’ve heard successful people say, “The program will work IF you work the program!” Think about that – are you unsuccessful in your endeavors because you aren’t willing to “work the program?” We often complain because things don’t turn out the way “they’re supposed to,” yet, are we doing our part?

We often start out following the guidelines closely. We want to be successful, but somewhere along the way, we start changing things ever so slightly. “It won’t hurt if we just do it once. . .” Of course, once turns into twice, and before long, we’re no longer even pretending to “go by the rules.” Or maybe we think that we know better than the ones who invented the program. Yes, the program may be evidenced based – tried and true, but we know better.

Are you guilty of doing this with God’s Word? We know that that’s what the Bible says, but if we don’t agree – well – “it’s up to your personal interpretation,” right? Wrong! We may start out studying, trying to diligently follow His Word and obey Him, but then, temptation comes along, and we think, “Well, it won’t hurt if I just do it once.” Example – Missing worship services gets easier and easier every time you miss. God has given us His plan. It’s a plan that cannot fail – unless, we fail to follow the plan. Are you willing to “work the program?” The rewards will surely be “out of this world!” God Bless, Courtney

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