Training – Again?

Today I had the pleasure of attending a training with my staff. It was a training that I’ve already gone through twice in the past few weeks. I’ll be honest- I wasn’t looking forward to sitting through it again. It’s a two plus hour adventure, but you know what? I learned something new.

We all know that when you’re learning anything, repetition, repetition, repetition is the key. But, are you guilty of thinking “We’re going to study the book of Acts again?” Did you ZONE out during last Sunday’s sermon – I mean, you know the story of the Prodigal Son. You’ve heard lessons from the boy’s point of view, the father’s point of view, the older brother’s point of view – I mean, we’ve even considered the pigs’ point of view! But, we must realize that every time we delve into God’s Word, we have the potential to “hide His Word in our hearts, so we might not sin against Him.” (Psalms 119:11)

It is by His Word that we will be judged. Are you studying for your “final exam?” Every time you are exposed to His Word, you can learn something, even if it’s a “rerun.” The joy is in the journey- happy training! God Bless, Courtney

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2 thoughts on “Training – Again?

  1. LOL–enjoyed

  2. Think I’m in patience training–not passing, I’ afraid.

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