Now – That’s Cold!

Whether it’s politically correct or not – “Baby, it’s COLD outside!” Yes, we’ve had a blast of winter weather this week. I always hated it when the kids got out of school before Christmas for snow, but this time – it’s two weeks before Thanksgiving! So much for that global warming – right? Either way, the drive to work this morning was beautiful! It was cold, yes – but the sun was shining on the “breast of the new fallen snow.” It was a beautiful day!

Now, personally, I’m not too fond of those extremely cold temperatures since I developed Raynaud’s Syndrome a few years back. My poor fingers turn purple, then “corpse white,” (when my fingers are numb), to beet red (which feels like thousands of prickles – so painful.) Yet, even the cold weather didn’t dampen my enthusiasm for this beautiful day. I was healthy enough to go to work – some weren’t. The roads were clear enough to get there safely – some weren’t, plus I had the added bonus of Steve “chauffeuring” me to the Bluff, so I had company along the way.

While it was difficult to climb out of that warm bed this morning, the rewards were well worth it! I hope that you had a lovely day! God Bless, Courtney

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1 thought on “Now – That’s Cold!

  1. BRRR–it’s cold here, too–but no snow!! So looking forward to seeing you.

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