The Day After. . .

Well, Thanksgiving Day 2019 is now history. Families gathered around dining tables that were laden with turkey, dressing, green bean casseroles (or in our family – English pea casserole), cranberry sauce, and yams. It’s amazing how sleepy you get after eating such a meal! Millions of people talked about what they were thankful for yesterday – family, homes, jobs, etc…. But what about the day after? Will you be counting your blessings today? If not, why not? Is God still pouring out His blessings upon you? Of course, He is. It’s kinda like that older couple who were sitting in the ole’ truck and the wife says, “You know – we used to sit up close to each other when this truck was new.” The husband answers, “I haven’t moved!” Folks, God hasn’t moved. He is the same today as He was yesterday. He hasn’t changed. Has your focus changed?

Some believe that today is “Black Friday” because its a day when after a whole year operating at a loss, stores would supposedly earn a profit (went into the black) on the day after Thanksgiving because holiday shoppers spent so much money on discounted merchandise that day preparing for Christmas. Over 135 million shoppers will venture out to try to “get a good deal.” What a difference a day makes! We go from “Thank you, Lord for what we have” to “What can I get?”

May we remember that it’s always a day of Thanksgiving. “Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His mercy endureth forever.” (Psalms 107:1) God Bless, Courtney

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