The Day Has Come. . .

Well, Folks – tomorrow is the day! For school teachers and children in the Doniphan school district – it’s time to go back to school after a two week “Deer Season / Thanksgiving Holiday. While I’ve only been off for a four-day weekend, tomorrow is definitely a “four letter word” – it’s time for WORK! The thought of setting the alarm, bidding my flannel pajamas and Hallmark movies good-bye, and braving the cold to go back to work doesn’t sound like a good idea – then, I got to thinking, “Shame on me!” At least, I have a job that I love. I get to see people that I enjoy being around, and do things that challenge my mind and creativity. There are many people who would love to “be in my shoes” tomorrow.

For I get to get up and see the sun rise, with the sky painted so beautifully by God. I get to greet my co-workers by name and let them know that I appreciate them. I get to “catch up” on a week’s worth of work, and hopefully, get back in the “swing of things.” I don’t have to worry about whether I’ll have food to eat or clothes to wear. I’ll have a warm home to come “home” to, a loving dog who meets me at the car, and a wonderful husband who greets me at the door. If I didn’t get up and go to work tomorrow – I wouldn’t get to experience all the things that make coming home so wonderful.

I pray that you have a lovely Monday! God Bless, Courtney

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