Out In The Cold

I LOVE my electric blanket! There’s nothing like sliding into a warm, toasty bed! And since we sleep under an electric blanket, we turn the heat down to 61 degrees at night, so that the furnace doesn’t click off and on all night. This morning I laid in bed, wide awake, but not wanting to get out into the cold. Of course, once I got up, it didn’t take long for my body to regulate to the temp and I didn’t feel cold anymore.

This got me to thinking about how Christians are to the church. Our congregation is a warm, loving family. I know that if I need anything, I just have to ask. The church is a haven – a true taste of heaven on earth. And, most Christians agonize if they have to miss services. The whole week is messed up when you aren’t able “to go to church!” You don’t know what day it is! You “feel the cold.” But, it doesn’t take long and it gets to where it doesn’t bother you to skip Sunday night services. I mean – you went for TWO hours that morning, right? Then, you’re so tired on Wednesday evenings. Work is always a challenge that day, and it requires extra effort on your part to make it to Bible class that night. You’ve got so many excuses as to why you no longer teach a Sunday school class, lead a prayer, or even come to potluck. Your church family can no longer rely on you. You are out in the cold.

Friends, the devil doesn’t have to work on the world – he’s already got them. His aim is to draw Christians away from the fold and out in the cold. Beware! “Draw nigh unto God and He will draw night unto you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners, and purify your hearts…” (James 4:8) God Bless, Courtney

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