It Doesn’t Take Long. . .

So tonight, Steve and I have finally been “putting up Christmas!” Now, for some – that may not seem like a huge feat, but at our house. . . It takes hours. Hours that aren’t nearly as much fun as it was less than two months ago. Then, we started out decorating the mantle. Then, the Santas were put out, and finally, the trees. We put things out a little at a time. But, we’re trying to take it down all at once! Finally, the 400+ ornaments have been stored away and the 100+ Santas are back in their closet. Our family pictures are hung once again on the walls, and I’m sitting here thinking – “Our living room is HUGE!” Who knew? It hadn’t taken long, and we had become accustomed to “Christmas at our house!” Now, what’s actually “normal” feels “strange.”

I believe that that’s how sin works. You may start out missing services, and it bothers you. But after a while, you start rationalizing things. I mean, “You went this morning, didn’t you? Is it really necessary to go back on Sunday night?” It doesn’t take long until it begins to feel “normal” to stay away. You start withdrawing from fellowship with other members of the church. It doesn’t bother you – You don’t think about it anymore. To start attending services at night would feel “strange.” This is one of those times when your conscience has been “seared with a hot iron.” (I Timothy 4:2)

May we always remember that the devil is working hard to draw Christians away from the truth. He already has the world. God Bless, Courtney

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