What Do You Do?

“What do you do?” This may seem like an easy question – only four words, but it’s a loaded question when you think about it! I was asked today what my Care Coordinators do on a daily basis. Oh my, within just a few minutes, we had a list a whole page long! It ends up – it’s a thought provoking question – so, I’m asking, “What do you do?”

As a wife, I have always tried to be a “help meet” for Steve. We’ve worked together, side by side. I once had a dear Christian sister tell me, “If you treat him like a king, he’ll make you his queen.” It ends up that that was pretty good advice. We’ve walked hand in hand for almost 40 years. As the mother of grown daughters, my main job is just to listen and support my girls. As a Gammy, I spoil – that’s what Gammys are for – right? In the home, what do you do? Is it a haven for all who enter because you’re there?

What about as a co-worker? What do you do? Do you make the workplace an enjoyable place to work? Are you a positive influence or do you gripe and complain? What do you do to make your community a nicer place to live? Are you the kind of neighbor that you’d like to live beside?

Most importantly, what are you doing as a Christian? Do you “study to show thyself approved unto God?” (II Timothy 2:15) Do you “forgive others” (Matthew 6:14) or do you hold grudges? Do you “do unto others as you would have them do unto you?” (Matthew 7:12) Are you anxious for nothing, prayerful in everything, and thankful for all things? (Philippians 4:6) As you go into all the world, are you teaching all the “good news?” (Matthew 28:19)

So – What do you do? Think about it. God Bless, Courtney

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  1. What DO I do? Good question!!

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