So, once again this morning, school children and teachers alike, woke up with anticipation – only to be disappointed that there was no snow to be seen! It was just raining! This year in Southeast Missouri, we haven’t had a ”big snow” yet. Personally, I’d love to stay in my pajamas all day, drinking coffee, and watching it snow out the window. Today – was NOT that day!

We all know that life is full of ups and downs. We get surprises and happy times, yet, we must also deal with those rainy days when things don’t go our way. When you think about it – we wouldn’t appreciate the sunshine, if we didn’t endure the clouds. I believe that it’s the disappointments that make us stronger. Remember the metal that was tried in the fire? That’s what made it pure. This life is hard. It’s full of times when things don’t go the way we thought they would. God never said that it would be easy. He just said that it would be worth it.

As we gain strength by enduring the storms in this life, we can be assured that one day we will bask in the Sonshine! Oh, I’m still hoping for one snow day! God bless, Courtney

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4 thoughts on “Disappointments

  1. It’s bizarre how there’s been no snow in the Northeast this winter. I know the climate change people are going to use that for a reason and I have no idea myself. I’m still waiting for that Clipper to come down from Canada and give you folks a nice dusting

    1. Send it on down! Glad you enjoyed the blog!

  2. Wow, I really appreciated this encouraging affirmative message. After many
    prayers, last week we received a court decision regarding Grandson. It was not quite what we expected, but t was His answer so we know it is perfectly correct. It will bring glory to Him.

    1. God Bless your family, Sandra!

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