Oh, the Tone of It!

A co-worker and I ate at a little family owned Chinese restaurant in Jeff City today. You paid at the counter before you went through the buffet. From the counter, I could see an older lady – sitting at a table wrapping wontons back in the kitchen while a gentleman was cooking at the stove. There were two younger ladies working the cash register and watching over the buffet line. We were about through eating when the two younger ladies started arguing. Now, I don’t mean “a little spat.” Nope – these two ladies were yelling at each other, speaking very rapidly in “Chinese?” I might not have understood what they were saying, but there was no doubt how they felt about it! Their tone said it all!

Have you ever been misunderstood? That’s one of the bad things about emails and/or texts – you can’t hear the tone of how something is said. Even silence can be misunderstood – but, it can never be misquoted! God Bless, Courtney

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  1. My computer is acting up this morning—or maybe it’s me! Anyway, The Bible comments about a “soft answer–I need to work on that!

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