Doing the Best I Can!

This morning on my way to work, I got behind a lovely multi-colored pickup. You know the kind – the door is red, the body is yellow and green, and there was no tailgate to be seen. It was going close to the speed limit- just close enough that it slowed me down. I started to go around it, but my exit was close, so I resigned myself to following it. The longer I stayed behind that truck, I came to realize that that poor truck was probably doing the best it could! It probably couldn’t go any faster!

This got me to thinking about how glad I am that God doesn’t expect the same of all of us. He just expects us to do our best. In the parable of the talents in Matthew 25, each man was given a different amount according to his ability – one five, one two, and one one. BUT there was no zero talent man. Everyone was given something and everyone was expected to use what they had been given! They just had to do their best.

Are you doing your best? Are you living up to your potential? It ends up that the old truck turned off at an auto repair shop. Guess the owner was smart enough to ask for help. Are you? God bless, Courtney

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2 thoughts on “Doing the Best I Can!

  1. And the driver of the old truck knew where to go for help—do we KNOW we’ll only find the right help in God’s word?

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