The Song of a Bird

This morning as I was getting ready for work, there was a bird just a singing away outside the window. Now, you might think, “So? Isn’t that what birds are supposed to do?” But when I got to thinking about it, this was a special bird.

First, he was singing in the dark. The sun hadn’t come up yet, but that didn’t matter. He was up, going about his business. Second, it was 30 degrees outside. It was cold! How often do we look for a reason to get out of doing what needs to be done? This bird didn’t. And last, but definitely not least, he was singing alone. No other birds were heard, but that didn’t stop him. We may be alone, but our light should still shine.

May we be willing to “be about our Father’s business,” when times are good or bad, and may we not let the fact that we’re the only Christian there keep us from standing up for what is right. God Bless, Courtney

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