Break Time

Today, as I’m once again sitting at my desk and eating a bowl of cereal for lunch, I’m reminded of the importance of taking a break every once in a while. My watch tells me every hour that it’s “Time to Stand.” At work, it’s important to “step away” for a few minutes and regroup. When dealing with “difficult at the moment” children whether they be crying infants, whining preschoolers, or argumentative teenagers – sometimes you just have to go outside for a breath of fresh air. Steve and I love cruising because we unwind and unplug for a week! No phone calls, emails, or texts! It’s awesome!

Jesus felt the need to refresh and regroup. After hours of preaching, teaching, and healing, He felt the need to get away from the press of the crowds. He needed to rest! There are times when we might get burned out from teaching a Bible class for 20 years and we might need to step back, refresh, and find a new way to serve. Two years ago, I never thought about writing a blog – today, I’ve had over 24,000 hits. How cool is that? The Lord sure works in mysterious ways!

So, get up, go outside, take a deep breath, and count your blessings! God is so good! God bless. Courtney

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