Today I’ve been pondering the difference in being alone and being lonely. Personally, I love being alone! Times to be “home alone” are rare, and I appreciate the “quiet.” Some folks don’t like it quiet – they’ve got a TV or radio on in every room, but I thrive when it’s quiet. If I go on a trip and stay in a hotel, I have been gone a week at a time, never turning the TV on. I find that I’m more spiritually minded, and I’m more creative when I’m alone.

But – being lonely, now “that’s a horse of a different color!” Loneliness doesn’t depend on being alone. You can feel the loneliest (is that a word?), when you’re in a large crowd. It’s when you feel like you don’t belong. Perhaps, you look different or have different political or religious beliefs, and this makes you feel like you’re “not one of them,” but whatever it is – it can cause feelings of loneliness. I think that I feel loneliest when I used to fit in, but now I don’t. Have you ever felt that way?

Loneliness can be overwhelming, if we dwell on it. We’ll spiral down into a deep depression, if we don’t, as Barney Fife would say, “Nip it! Nip it in the bud!” The scriptures tell us over and over that we are never truly alone, for God is with us. Nothing can separate us from His love! His Word is full of hope and comfort. We are not alone for heaven is only a prayer away as fast as an angel can fly. (Daniel 9:21). God Bless, Courtney

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  1. I live by myself, but I KNOW I am never alone! I have a conversation going on with God all the time–I know He is here with me and am thankful for that!!

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