Working From Home

Well, today marks the end of my first week of “working at home.” You know, you always think, “Man, I wish I could just stay home and work in my pajamas all day!” And I’ll admit – there are definitely some advantages to working from home. I think of the gas money I’ve saved, the hour and a half of time that I’m not on the road, and hey – I’m saving money on make-up because, let’s just say – we’re going all “natural” today.

But I’ve missed seeing my wonderful work family every day! Emails and phone calls don’t make up for having a pot of coffee on and an open office door. And I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I miss all those lovely meetings that I complain about. I kinda feel “out of the loop.” You know what I mean? Yet, I think I’ve worked so hard since I’ve been home. I started out working at the end of the kitchen table – set me up a working spot and I was ready to go. But – who knew that dining room chairs could be soooooo hard! I’ve never tried to sit in one for 6-7 hours a day before! Oh my! Finally, after three days, I decided that I could work sitting in my recliner! My whole body thanks me! I’ve been working on a report all week. I’ve gone into hundreds of charts. I honestly don’t think I would have ever gotten it done if I’d tried to do this in the office with so many interruptions. So. . . even in “the bad,” I’ve been able to find good.

My Friends, we can find good in every day. It’s just that sometimes we have to look a little harder. God’s got this! Hang in there. We are all – simply blessed, Courtney

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