Lessons Learned While Sheltering-at-Home

I think that I’m regressing back to a newborn – my days and nights are all mixed up! I had homemade strawberry bread in the oven by 6:10 am! Who am I? I had to look on the calendar to see what day of the week it is (It’s Friday, in case you need to know). I know that it’s now April, but I’m not really sure of the date (already forgot). Staying home all the time has really messed up my internal clock. Without going to worship services on Sundays and Wednesday nights, everything seems out of whack. I always heard that “Seven days without Christ makes one weak,” but I have been so encouraged by all of the Bible classes, sermons, and prayers that I’ve seen on Facebook in the last few weeks.

It seems as though we as a country have finally realized what “essential people” truly are. It’s certainly not the athletes who make millions a year or those Hollywood folks. God bless those store workers who are stocking the shelves, the hospital housekeepers who are working so hard to keep things sanitized and clean so the doctors and nurses can work, and the truck drivers who are struggling to find an open truck stop where they can grab a shower and a bite to eat. I believe that we as a nation are turning back to God. It’s a shame that it took a pandemic to do it.

While we as a country are learning some lessons, I’ve also been learning some things about myself. Working from home is hard. I find that it seems like “I’m always at work.” Does that make sense? I miss the 30 minute drive home each day that I used to decompress. Sometimes I’d listen to the radio. Many blogs have been written in my head in the car on my way home from work. I miss the daily interactions with my work family. Now, don’t get me wrong – it’s amazing what “team” and “zoom” meetings can do – I still have my morning Huddle with my staff every day – just on video, but I miss the “Good mornings,” the smiles, and the “Have a nice days.” Steve thinks that I work harder now that I’m working from home because I feel too guilty wasting any time that I’m on the clock. I think Steve now understands why I come home tired every night! I’m more self-disciplined that I thought – who knew?

I’d love to hear about some lessons that you’ve learned while “sheltering-at-home.” We’re all in this together (socially distanced six feet apart, of course.) We are “simply blessed,” Oh, and have a nice day! Courtney

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