Are You A Carrier?

This COVID19 virus is something else, isn’t it? You can “catch it” by breathing the air of a “carrier” two to three hours after they coughed. And you can be a “carrier” without having any symptoms and not having a clue that you’ve got it for one to now they say possibly 24 days! Isn’t that unreal? I been thinking about the poor folks who didn’t know they had it and brought it home to their loved ones. Such a shame. . .

This led me to think about all the many things that we “carry” every day and don’t even realize it. Some may carry negativity around, and the more you are around a “half-empty glass” sort of person, the more you spread it without even thinking. Jealousy is often carried, and it causes us to do whatever it takes to “get one up” on someone else. Do you know anyone who carries a grudge? Most of the time, the “other person” doesn’t even know that there is a problem, yet a grudge can control your actions, flood your mind, and break apart relationships. A bad attitude can spread like a wild fire when it is carried around others. Nowadays, it seems like the “it’s not my fault” and “because I want it” attitudes are contagious. Gossip is easily spread from person to person. Are you a “carrier?”

But as Christians, there are some things that we need to carry and spread to all, and one of them is the fruit of the spirit. Just think about what our world would be like if love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23) were carried and spread throughout. My friends, may you stay safe during this pandemic. Stay home and wash your hands! For God needs us to carry His Word as we go into all the world. (Mark 16:15) Simply blessed, Courtney

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