The Dilemma

Steve and I faced a dilemma last night. Remember how I wrote about what a beautiful day it was. It was warm. The breeze was blowing, and there was hope in the air. Well, that was true – outside. Inside was another thing! It was HOT! We started talking about turning the air conditioner on – just to cool it down and hence, we faced the annual dilemma of: How long are we going to go before we turn the air conditioner on? Now, some folks try every year to win the “We waited prize!” “We didn’t turn ours on until the end of May! or even June!” It’s definitely a “no-no” in April. But why? We live in Southeast Missouri, and the weather, as it is this week, changes from one extreme to the next. Hence – the dilemma! I think we started talking about it by 7:00 pm; then 8:00, 9:00, and FINALLY at 10:00, I said, “There is no way I’m going to be able to sleep when I’m this sticky! I’m turning on the air!” Steve, well – he thought I would, but I noticed that he wasn’t going to be the one to give in! Ha! Anyway, the thermostat said that it was 78 degrees in the house and I turned that air on! Whew! It was wonderful! Why in the world did we sit there miserable all night? We had the opportunity and the ability to be blessed, we just had to use it!

You know, we do that in other areas of our lives, too. We are so blessed in this country. We have the opportunity to vote and change the way our country is run, but we often don’t take advantage of that right. Have you taken the time to read the Bible all the way through? I can imagine Judgment Day and the Lord saying, “I gave you my Word and you didn’t even take the time to read it?” He gave us His plan for redemption through the steps of salvation: Hear, Believe, Repent, Confess, Be Baptized, and Live faithfully till death. How many of us get so close to obeying the gospel, but . . . Man, that pride shows up. God has given us directions on how He wants us to worship Him (Notice – I said “How HE wants – not what we think He’d like!). That plan includes teaching, praying, singing, giving, and partaking of the Lord’s Supper. Are you taking advantage of the love, encouragement, and deepening of your faith that comes by attending worship services? If not? Why not? We have so many opportunities to do “good unto others,” but we often hold on to that money – we may need it later, but as the rich man in Luke 12 found out when he planned to build bigger barns, sit back, eat, drink, and be merry – tomorrow may never come. We let our pride keep us from enjoying so many things in this life.

Yeah, I know that after the storms last night, our “high” today is lower than our “low” yesterday. We’ll be turning the heat back on – I mean, it’s only April, right? And we’ll probably face this dilemma again in the fall when it starts getting colder. “Should we turn on the heat?” Isn’t that silly? We should take advantage of our opportunities. We shouldn’t let pride make us miserable. Life is short. God is good. We are… Simply blessed, Courtney

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