I learned early in my life as a preacher’s wife that everyone is not going to like you. No matter how hard I try to be “nice,” it doesn’t matter. It seems that some folks just like to gripe. You know the ones, they gripe up a storm, and then complain when it rains! This is a pattern that is easy to fall into if we don’t watch it, especially during these difficult times.

So how do you become a “glass is half full” kind of person? I was in a “trauma group training” a week or so ago, and someone talked about how to get through this pandemic. I don’t remember who said it, but I can’t forget the points. It starts with our environment. Now, you’re probably thinking that I’ve lost it, but think about it- the people that we’re are around, the songs on the radio, and even how much we watch the TV can affect our attitude. I have found that I was watching way too much news. It was pulling me down and making me fearful. So, one way to make it through these trying times is to limit exposure.

The second thing we must do is adapt our schedules- things have changed. If you can’t adapt, you’ll be complaining. Number 3 is to unite with those who are positive. Work towards a common goal. Reach out to others, even if it’s just a phone call. Next, we must be gentle with others and ourselves. Give yourself some slack. These are not normal times and everyone handles stress differently. Be gentle. Then, last, but definitely not least, take care of your health! Exercise! Get up and walk outside! Take care of your social health- connect with your family. Don’t just eat junk food!

These ways to endure” can be remembered by the word – LAUGH: L-limit exposure to the negative, A- adapt your schedule, U- unite with others to do good, G – be gentle with yourself and others, and H – health – take care of yourself. By “laughing”, we won’t have time to complain. Count your blessings for we are, Simply blessed, Courtney

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