I don’t know about you, but I was very excited to hear about the President and COVID19 Task Forces’ plan to reopen our country. Three months ago, we would have never dreamed that the United States of America would have been “closed for business” for over a month! Alas, it’s been a rough ride, but Lord willing, the sun will come up tomorrow! We can do this!

The Lord can always make good come from the bad. Our country was founded on Biblical principles, and I believe that this pandemic has caused many people to hit their knees in prayer and open His Word for guidance. While I have so missed worshiping with my beloved Doniphan Church of Christ’s church family, it has been wonderful seeing so many churches live-stream or tape services and put them online. Steve and I got to hear 4-5 different lessons on Sunday. It was wonderful!

We need to make sure that prayer is still a priority as we go forward. We need to read, study, and meditate on God’s Word. We need to check on our neighbors and those who are vulnerable. We need to reach out to those who may need food or medical care. I, personally won’t take going out to eat or going to a ballgame for granted. Smiles and waves might replace handshakes, but these are all things that are “doable.”

Americans are resilient. We will rise again. As long as “In God We Trust,” I believe God will continue to bless America. We are simply blessed, Courtney

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