The Blue Sky

Have you seen that cartoon where it’s a bright and sunny day everywhere except where one rain cloud is hovering over one person? It may be the “cloud of depression”, that causes feeling of despair. It could be a “cloud of anger” because you can’t forgive yourself or someone else, or maybe it’s a “cloud of indecisiveness” because you can’t make up your mind. Could it be a “cloud of envy or resentment?” Do you feel like you have a “cloud” hanging over you?

There are periods of time, such as during sickness or sorrow, where we all feel like we have that cloud hanging over us. Everyone around us seems so happy! Why are we falling apart? These are the times that we must remember that the blue of the sky is larger than the clouds. A cloud will come and go. Have you ever flown and when the airplane gets above the clouds – there is a big, beautiful blue sky that goes on and on? The devil may be “raining down” hard on us, but God is always there, above the clouds – we just have to keep looking up. Psalm 46:1 says, “God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble.” Yes, God is above those clouds of doubt. He is the blue sky, and He can give us the strength to endure.

May you always remember that the blue of the sky is larger than any cloud. We are simply blessed, Courtney

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4 thoughts on “The Blue Sky

  1. Kandy Shackelford April 30, 2020 — 6:30 am

    Thank you Courtney! I miss my friend!

  2. VERY GOOD!!

  3. Needed this today!

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