What to Do? What to Do?

So, I’m actually planning to start this yearly ritual (okay, honestly, it’s probably a periodically yearly ritual) of spring house cleaning. You know – it’s when you move the furniture and vacuum under it. (Oh my! I’m sure that you could make Adam and Eve from the dust under the bed!) Anyway, you take down the curtains and wash them. You wipe down the walls and baseboards – oh, and the ceiling fans, too. These are all “chores” that you know need to be done, but I don’t know about you – I put them off until I can’t stand it any more! Then, I get into one of these “organizing moods,” which can be scary, if watched from afar. I’ve recently run into a problem in my kitchen with those newer, large bulky “had to haves,” such as an air fryer and an instant pot. Now, I love these small appliances, but the problem is – where do you store them? They don’t fit in a cabinet. They are too big to sit out on the counter. Ugh! Anyway, this week I bought a shelf for the kitchen with adjustable shelves “for such a time as this.” I know – it will be in the way when all the kids come home and we decide to eat at the kitchen table for a meal, but let’s face it – that doesn’t happen, but so many times a year. So, the shelf stays. My house looks cleaner already!

But then comes the dilemma, what do I do with the instant pot box? I saw the cutest cartoon on Facebook yesterday. It said, “One thing no one ever talks about when it comes to being an adult is how much we debate keeping a cardboard box because you know. . . it’s really a good box!” I love it because I’m in the same predicament! I thought about taking this awesome box to the garage – that’s where I have the box that my Cuisinart cookware came in – you know, the ones that I got three or four years ago? I thought about taking it down to the basement. I mean – that’s where the “storage room” is. Right? But, then again, that’s the next room on the list for “spring cleaning!” I’d just have to pick it up and go through this all over again! (It’s also where I have garbage bags full of boxes to wrap from Christmas – some of them are what you might call “vintage,” since now most gifts go in a gift bag!)

What to do? What to do? There are times when “adulting” is just plain difficult. I think I’ll have Steve get rid of “that awesome box” while I’m at work. Out of sight – out of mind! Thanks, Honey! Simply blessed, Courtney

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1 thought on “What to Do? What to Do?

  1. fscottkeynotes May 2, 2020 — 10:04 am

    Well–if you DO discard you boxes–don’t worry–I have a closet full that needs to find a new home–and yours would be great!! God bless!!

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