He lied!

Okay, so I don’t know about you, but this year – I think that groundhog LIED! Spring was not “just around the corner!” Here we are less than two weeks away from Memorial Day, and I’m still sitting around at nights with my flannel pajamas on and sleeping with an electric blanket! It’s cold outside! Global warming has not spread to Southeast Missouri yet! Evidently!

But, when you think about it – there’s not a “cotton pickin’ thing,” we can do about it! There are many things that fit into that category. One activity sometimes used in therapy is for you to draw a circle. Write things that you can control on the inside of the circle. We can control where we go and what we wear. We can control what goes in and what comes out of our mouths. We can control our actions and our reactions, but. . .

The outside of the circle is bigger than the inside. There are more things that we cannot control. We can’t control natural disasters – tornadoes, hurricanes, floods. We can’t control pandemics – we can do our part to prevent the spread of a virus, but it came our way just the same. We can’t control laws of nature – if an apple falls from a tree- it falls down due to the law of gravity. An object moving in one direction will continue in that direction unless acted upon by an outside force. We can only be that outside force. We cannot control the words or actions of others. Innocent people are killed because of the decisions of others. Neither will we have to give an account for them on the Day of Judgment. Oh, and we certainly can’t control the weather!

We can control our outlook and our attitude. We can control how we treat others. Can others tell that you are a Christian by your love? Simply blessed, Courtney

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