So Embarrassed

Embarrassed! You’ve got “egg on your face!” You wish at that moment that “the earth would just swallow you up and . . . “. The word actually means to be uncomfortably self-conscious; be ashamed or red-faced. It’s not fun! It’s awkward, uneasy, and sometimes frustrating when you get embarrassed. Now, there are two ways to get embarrassed.

First- you do something stupid. You might mispronounce a word and say something that you normally would NEVER say. You might have a clumsy moment and fall down the steps of the bleachers with a gym full of people- yep, that would be me! You might go to work wearing the same shoe- just not in the same color (and yes, that would also be me!) or perhaps EVERYONE knows where you’ve been the last few minutes because you’re dragging toilet paper that is stuck on the bottom of your shoe! When we do that to ourselves, the best thing to do is just laugh it off. You may never outlive it, so you might as well learn to laugh about it.

Then there are the times when you get embarrassed by what other people do. I’ve been dealing with a personal matter this week – my position at work was eliminated. I’m still appreciative to have a job, (similar , but not quite the same.) People have been coming up and asking me things, and at first, I was embarrassed to say that I’m no longer a supervisor. But, it’s not because of something I did or didn’t do. Times are tough. I have nothing to be embarrassed about. Now, back when my girls would just say whatever came to mind – no matter who was around. That was embarrassing. Lol!

But we need to realize that “life happens.” Mary Chapin Carpenter used to have a song out called, “Sometimes You’re the Windshield, Sometimes You’re the Bug!” Isn’t that the truth! Everyone has trials from time to time. If earth was perfect, we wouldn’t long for heaven! May you hold your head up high – remember Whose child you are! We are all simply blessed! Courtney

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  1. fscottkeynotes July 10, 2020 — 5:37 pm

    I know you and KNOW you will grow where you’re planted! If it’s not the same job, it’s the same YOU!! Just keep on letting your light shine—and I know you will. I love you–and God does, too.

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