Writing Schedule 2.9

Hello Everyone, I just got finished with Writing Schedule 2.9. I try to stay at least four weeks ahead of the one that I am writing. Of course, you don’t have to go in any particular order. You can go back and rewrite a week whenever you please. Someone asked me what the 2.1, 2.2, etc…. means. The 2 means it’s year 2 of making writing schedules for me, and the 9 means that it’s the ninth one made this year. I started my blog in last November 2018, so if you were thinking it was by calendar year – no wonder it didn’t make sense. I made 14 last year and now 9 so far this year for a total of 23 schedules with four weeks on each – that’s 92 weeks of writing schedules! Wow! Even I didn’t realize that there were that many. I try to choose topics and scriptures that I personally relate to – things that I feel the need to “think about.” I’m sure that I’ve used some scriptures more than once, but I try to keep them several weeks apart.

I don’t think copying God’s Word will ever “get old.” It so helps me focus on spiritual things. I find myself analyzing, studying, and meditating on the scriptures. You can’t get any better than that! Do you have five minutes a day to spend copying God’s Word?

Simply blessed, Courtney

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2 thoughts on “Writing Schedule 2.9

  1. I love these writing schedules! I’ve been using them over a year and have enjoyed each one so far! Thank you for your diligence in putting them together.

    1. Thank you, Emily! I appreciate you!

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