Gather Together

Steve and I were walking around Hobby Lobby one night when we saw a picture of a church that said, “Gather.” Steve said, ‘Well, I like that one, but it should say, “Gather Together,” like that song, “We Gather Together to ask the Lord’s blessings. . .” So, I went home and wrote Monica Brown and Mallory Morris (used to be Collins) who do all kinds of craft shows. I told them that I’d like a picture of a church, done in earth tone colors that said, “Gather Together.” They didn’t recognize the song, but they found it. When asked if there were any other songs that we especially liked, I thought of “Come, Share the Lord,” a song that I often read the words during the communion. Steve’s favorite song is “Where No One Stands Alone.” A few days later, they sent me a picture and it was instant “LOVE!” I got it hung up this weekend, and I’m still so pleased.

I think it means more to me now because I’ll always remember that I got the picture during the time when services were being streamed online. We’ve been unable to gather in person in several weeks. Gather together – how wonderful it will be when our Doniphan Church of Christ family can all gather again in worship and praise. I miss everyone so much. We share our love for the Lord and our love for each other. We pray with each other and for each other. Oh, for the time when we can once again “Gather Together.” Simply blessed, Courtney

Check out Monica and Mallory’s Facebook page: M & M Creations

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3 thoughts on “Gather Together

  1. fscottkeynotes July 12, 2020 — 1:11 pm

    Love it–and when I’m gone you’ll have a Lee Robertson church picture, too!!

  2. Hello Courtney. Love your picture and the songs. I didn’t realize that you were still not meeting. We have been meeting for awhile here. I enjoyed Steve’s lesson while we were home. I hope you will be able to “gather together” real soon. 🥰

    1. Hi Carol, We met for a month or so until one of our members tested positive for Covid. We’ve been out three weeks again, but Lord willing, we’re planning on “gathering together” next week!

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