The Blue of the Sky

I hope that you don’t mind a “repeat.” I went back to find this post from over a year ago.

I love to look at the sky on my thirty minute drive to and from work each day. God certainly outdid Himself, didn’t He? Today, I was reminded of one of my favorite thoughts: The blue of the sky is bigger than the clouds. So many times, clouds get most of the attention. They can be white, fluffy clouds that children pretend are animal shapes or they can be dark, onimous clouds that send us running for cover – or the basement!

The same thing happens in life. Dark clouds can overshadow the joys of every day living. During this recent pandemic, life has been dark and dreary for some. It’s hard to believe that “this, too shall pass,” if you regularly listen to the news. Sometimes, you may “live” for the “light moment.” Everything is centered around holidays, birthdays, or vacations. You are constantly counting down to “the big day,” and then, spiral down into despair afterwards. You may suffer from clouds of insecurity and low self-esteem. Have you forgotten who you are and where you came from? It is at those moments that you need to remember that you’re a “child of the King.” Maybe the cloud of indecision is keeping you from moving forwards. Has the cloud of pride kept you from humbling yourself before God? (I Peter 5:6) Or is the cloud of anger keeping you from forgiving others as Christ has forgiven you? (Colossians 3:13)

While clouds may appear for a while, we must look beyond the clouds and see how large the blue sky is. That’s where God is showing us that He is always there for us. Every day is a blessing. Enjoy the blue! God Bless, Courtney

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2 thoughts on “The Blue of the Sky

  1. No matter how dark the clouds or how violent the storm, there’s a blue sky and a sun still shining above it all.

  2. Behind the clouds the sun is shinning1!! Great reminder.

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