How Does Your Garden Grow?

How is your garden doing this year? Our two little tomato plants grew to be over eight feet tall and I’ve never eaten so many tomatoes in my life! The bell peppers are good and the okra looks good. The squash didn’t fare well this year and we’re still waiting on the green beans. Inevitably there are some weeds growing in the bean patch. No matter how careful you try to be- there they are!

This happens in our Christian lives, too. We’re baptized into the Lord’s body and He adds you to the church. You take off growing straight and tall, then those pesky weeds start growing beside you. At first you don’t notice because you’ve got you eyes on the Son. But as you grow, they grow and before you know it, they’ve started wrapping around you making it impossible to ignore them.

When the cares of this world start sneaking back into our lives, what should we do? Some try to live gracefully and go along to get along, but after a while they are so caught up in the world that you can’t tell which is which? I believe that the best thing to do is “hoe out your garden” as soon as the weeds appear. Watch for them, for you know they are coming. Keep your garden clear and your life pure, and you will both reap rewards! Simply blessed, Courtney

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2 thoughts on “How Does Your Garden Grow?

  1. Very good!! Thanks

  2. Thank you for this piece. It’s very applicable and a needed explanation for a friend who is a new Christian who is struggling with “weeds” overtaking her. I appreciate your blog and am grateful to Bill and Lynn for introducing me.
    Barb Paton

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