It Will All Be Worth It!

Tonight – I’m tired! This weekend I have worked many hours in our Resale Shop at the Current River Sheltered Workshop where I work. We’ve gotten new clothes racks, tables, etc… and my poor feet are telling me that I’ve been on them too much! But – at the end of the day, everything looks so nice! I’m so excited about opening up tomorrow and seeing everyone’s reaction. There’s nothing like knowing that you’ve done a good job and seeing the rewards of your labor.

This got me to thinking about how a Christian should feel when they are coming to the end of life here on earth. You should look back and see how times were sometimes hard – very hard, and you suffered, but at the end, you have nothing, but anticipation because you know that you have “done what you could” (Mark 14:8). You’ll be “carried by angels into Abraham’s bosom” as was Lazarus in Luke 16:22. What a day it will be!

Jesus has gone before to prepare those mansions (John 14:2) – I hope mine is next to yours! Simply blessed, Courtney

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