His Ways. . .

Hello, Everyone! Do you ever think that you’ll get to the point where you know everything about yourself? I find that I’m learning more every day. Some days, I’m confident and sure. Sometimes, I feel drained and worn out. Sometimes, I’m serious while at other times, I’m plumb silly. Since my gastric sleeve surgery in August, I’m learning how my body reacts to eating all over again. I don’t remember trying new foods when I was a year old or so, but now – my body definitely has opinions on what it likes and doesn’t like. Let’s just say that it strongly lets me know if I eat too fast or if I don’t chew my food small enough. No matter how much I might like to be able to sit down to a big T-bone steak dinner, my new tiny tummy doesn’t seem to agree. Wishing it would happen – doesn’t make it so.

I wonder if its the same way between us and God. Will we ever understand why He wants things done the way that He does? Wishing that our way is the way He planned it doesn’t make it so. We might think that it won’t matter if we add instrumental music to our worship services. Or, maybe we think that baptism isn’t necessary for salvation, but Friends, there is a reason why He has set things up the way that He has, even if we don’t understand it. Isaiah was told, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD” (Isaiah 55:8). There will always be more to study, more to learn, and more to practice, if we want to be pleasing in His sight. He didn’t asked us what we wanted – He just told us “His Way.” We will never be sorry for following His Way for He knows what is best for us. For we are simply blessed, Courtney

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