Where, Oh Where?

Tonight – I am thankful that the Lord attached my head so I wouldn’t lose it! Have you ever felt like that? I’ve walked all over the house looking for something that I know I had last night – I still haven’t found it! It reminded of Luke 15 – the chapter of lost things.

Each individual sheep was so precious to that good shepherd, that he left the 99 sheep to search for the one lost sheep. There was the woman who searched high and low for that one lost coin, and when she found it, she called her neighbors and friends to come over and rejoice with her because she found that which was lost. And then there is the touching parable about the father who allowed his son to “do what he was bound and determined to do.” This decision led the son to become so hungry that he was “led to the pigpen.” But it was in that pigpen that he “came to himself,” and realized that he needed to go home. Did the father know that his long lost son would be coming back that day? I don’t believe so – I believe that the father had been looking down that road, praying and watching ever since his son left. A loving parent never gives up hope that their child will return to the truth. Our heavenly Father is also watching and waiting, with arms open wide, for us to turn back to Him.

Oh, and guess what? I just found the package that I had lost – it was in the rocking chair in the living room – right in front of my face! Ahhh – simply blessed! Courtney

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  1. Love it!! THANKS

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