Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

As most of you know, Christmas is my very favorite time of the year. I’m one of those folks who start listening to Christmas music before the “other holiday” is past – and no, I don’t mean Thanksgiving – I mean “HALLOWEEN!” It takes days to decorate my living room – put up my village, get out the Santas, and decorate the mantle and trees. I wear Christmas clothes every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas. As I’ve been told several times in the past – “I have a problem. . .” But, hey, the first step is to admit you have a problem, and the real problem is – I don’t really think I have a problem! I just love Christmas! But through the years, we’ve had to make some adjustments. Gone are those Christmas Eve nights when we get less that two hours of sleep after fighting to put together a “Barbie Dream House” or a bicycle! Our two girls are no longer setting their alarms to wake everyone up on Christmas morning to open packages. In fact, this year, Steve and I will get up Christmas morning to an empty house. This has been the strangest Christmas season, hasn’t it? I haven’t been to a single Christmas party (yet!). I haven’t been Christmas caroling or gotten all of my presents wrapped. We haven’t decorated sugar cookies or even seen Santa in person. Due to the pandemic, the whole family will not be gathering at my house on Christmas Day or traveling to my Mother’s the day after Christmas.

Last night in the car, I was bewailing the fact that it’s just going to be me and Steve home alone until sometime Christmas afternoon when David, Dianne, and Aiden get here. Just us! This is when Steve politely reminded me that forty years ago – that’s how we started out – just us! Boy – that’s stopped me in my tracks! It made me count my blessings that at least we still had each other. But, what about those who don’t have anyone? We need to remember that Christmas isn’t “merry” for everyone. Many have lost loved ones this year – oh, how they will be missed! Many will not be able to travel this year due to tight finances and the pandemic. We’re going to have a “virtual Christmas” through FaceTime with Susan and Jeff. It’s not as good as sharing time in person, but at least, we’ll get to “see” them open their presents – even if it’s streamed on the TV.

As time goes by, things change. We can either “roll with the punches,” or we can make ourselves and those around us miserable. The choice is ours. I pray that you choose to have a “Merry Christmas” however and whenever you celebrate! Simply blessed, Courtney

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