I’m Back!

So a little over three weeks ago, my identity was stolen. To say that this has been a “royal mess” is an understatement. They locked me out of my Facebook page, got into my email account, and charged things on my credit card. They also got access to my Amazon account and requested refunds for all of the presents we bought before Christmas, stating that the items were never received. Pretty smart – huh? So, I’ve done a lot of getting “new” things lately. I’ve got a new IPhone with a new number, a new debit card, credit cards, amazon account – yes, I’m a new person! Who knew?

I’ve learned many things through all of this – I previously spent way too much time on Facebook. It’s not as bad being “deactivated” as you may think. I actually read a book and worked a jigsaw puzzle over the past few weeks. It was nice. I did miss keeping up with our Doniphan Church of Christ family messenger box for updates. And, I missed being able to share my blog. I still wrote several posts during this time, but since I couldn’t share them on Facebook, you had to go to my website to see them. I’d like to encourage you – that if you enjoy my blog and scripture writing schedules, please, sign up to follow blog at the bottom of the website page. That way, you will get a message/email when a new blog has been posted.

Are you “tied” to your phone and social media? May we all remember to put “first things first” and “write on my heart every Word.” Simply Blessed, Courtney

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