Have you ever made a mistake? Who me? Oh, yeah. . . We’ve all been wrong now and then. Only Jesus Christ lived a perfect life here on this earth. The rest of us – well, we err from time to time. But – what did we learn from the experience?

When our faults come to the attention of others, there are two reactions. Either that person will hold it against us for the rest of our lives or they will realize that we’ve all “been there, done that, and gotten the T-shirt!” You can only say “I’m sorry. I was wrong” so many times. Sooner or later, it’s time to move on. But in order to do that – it requires forgiveness. We must forgive others, and we must forgive ourselves. We cannot control the actions of others, we can just control our actions and reactions. While we forget and forgive our mistakes, we must remember the lessons that we learned. If we don’t learn anything from the mistake, then, like history – we will be prone to repeat it.

May we forget the mistake, but remember the lessons learned. Simply blessed, Courtney

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