Whatever Happened to. . .

Last week, Steve and I got to “run away” to the Smoky Mountains for a few days. On Saturday, we got to wondering what time Bible class started on Sunday, and I immediately opened the drawer to the night stand to look for the phone book. Then, I got tickled – of course, there are no phone books in hotels anymore. Everyone has a phone book on their cell phones these days. In fact, you don’t even have to push a button – you just “ask Siri” and “ta-da,” she tells you the answer. Then, I realized that not only are phone books gone from hotel rooms – so are “Gideon Bibles.’ Do you remember when there was a Bible in every hotel room? Have you even noticed that they are gone? While “everyone” has a “phonebook” on their cell phones because “it’s a necessity,” how many people have the Bible downloaded on their phone for the same reason?

How often do you “ask Siri” or google to find an answer when you have a question? In comparison, how many times do you go to God’s Word on a daily basis? When you have a question as to what you should do – do you go to Him in prayer? In order to find out how you should dress, how you should speak, or even what type of establishments you should frequent, do you search His Word for the answers? Do you have five minutes a day to spend “writing on your heart every word,” copying God’s Word? Have we gotten too busy making a living that we’ve forgotten the most important part of making a life?

We were blessed to worship with the Gatlinburg Church of Christ last Sunday. There were perhaps 30 of us for Bible class in the auditorium, and a hundred more for worship services. Sunday night – the attendance was back to the 30-40 range. An older gentleman came up to tell us how much he appreciated us coming back out on Sunday night on vacation. He said that he once heard, “If the church building is full on Sunday morning, the “church” is popular. If the church building is full on Sunday night, the “preacher” is popular, but if the church building is full on Wednesday night – “God” is the reason.”

What is important to you? Is God the center of your life? If He is not the focus of our lives here on earth, He won’t be in eternity either. Simply blessed, Courtney

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