Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

Decisions! Decisions! Decisions! They say that the average person makes about 35,000 decisions every day. Many of those decisions, such as what to wear that day or what to eat for lunch – probably aren’t decisions that will have an affect on the rest of your life. But there are others that not only affect you, but they also affect others. Those are the decisions that need much thought and prayer before being made.

The most important decision that we can make in this life is to become a Christian. Hearing God’s Word, believing it, repenting of your sins, confessing Christ as the Son of God, and being immersed in baptism is just the beginning of our Christian walk. But – that decision means that we don’t have to wonder if we’re going to church on Sundays – we made that decision when we became a Christian. We don’t have to decide whether we’ll be honest or what kind of language we’ll use – Christians are to be “Christ-like” and to follow “in His steps” (I Peter 2:21).

Deciding who to date is one of the most important decisions that we’ll ever make. Odds are – you’ll marry someone that you date, so “don’t date unless you’d mate!” Choosing a career is another very important decision because co-workers can have a great influence on us. Choosing where you live – whether it’s in a city or a small town, will affect the options that you have for jobs, education, and entertainment.

May you decide what it truly important to you and follow the guidelines given in God’s Word when it’s time to make important decisions. Simply blessed, Courtney

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