A Special Scripture Writing Schedule 3.9

Hello Friends, I have just completed the next Scripture Writing Schedule, and it will always be very special to me. I lost two very dear friends in the past few weeks, who have had an influence on my life. Bill Stewart, was a preacher, a missionary, and most importantly – a faithful Christian man. In his honor, I have two weeks of scripture writings on “Go” and “Teach.” I had always wanted to go to on a mission trip to Mongolia with Bill. His sweet wife, Pam and the rest of his family are in my thoughts and prayers. My other dear friend was Lynn Maples. Bill and Lynn have been members of our congregation for many years. Due to Lynn’s advice, I bought a papillon dog, my beloved Sadie, and later on got Sophie. We’d keep their dog and they’d keep ours throughout the years. Lynn attended my Ladies’ Bible class, and I appreciated her words of wisdom. She was such a gracious hostess and a kind person. Lynn was always willing to help anyone in need, and in her honor, I’ve included one week on “Help.” I will be praying for Bill, her beautiful family, and our church family as we deal with her loss. The other week is on the topic, “Live.” I love the song, “Because He Lives,” I can face tomorrow. Knowing how these two beloved Christians lived, just makes heaven that dearer. Simply blessed, Courtney

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