I’ve been looking for women who want to earn a little extra cash in the next few months to take a “closer look” at Park Lane Jewelry, which I sell. I’m hoping to expand my team, and this is the perfect “golden quarter” of the year for direct sales. I’ve sent private messages to people. I’ve texted people. I’ve done all kinds of things to encourage and invite others to find the joy that I’ve found. When asked what I’m doing now for a living, my response is “Making women feel special and beautiful!” So far, I’m doing pretty good at making “being a Park Lane stylist” attractive, but how am I doing as a Christian?

Am I looking for people who “need” what I have? Am I a good advertisement for “living a Christian life?” Would others want to take a “closer look” at the church because of my enthusiasm for God’s Word? Have I reached out by private message or text to invite someone to attend worship services with me? Do others see the beauty of Jesus living in me? Do they “want” what I have?

I don’t know about you, but these thoughts “stomped on my toes” and touched my heart this morning. Our earthly jobs should be our “avocation” or side-line job. Our vocation or the main reason why we are here is to follow Jesus example “to seek and save the lost” (Luke 19:10). Have you gotten side-tracked? Simply blessed, Courtney

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