Whew! Now, That Was A Storm!

Now, I don’t know about where you live, but here in Southeast Missouri, even though yesterday was a beautiful day – we had STORMS last night! Thunder, lightening, rain and wind – God really put on a show for us. For some folks, it was probably a night of terror while others perhaps “slept right through it.” Either way, we have endured, and today looks like it’s going to be a beautiful, crisp autumn day.

This reminds me of life in general. Perhaps, you are going through a “sunny” period. Things are going well physically, spiritually, and emotionally. When all of a sudden, the storm clouds start popping up. Perhaps you lose your job, or you suffer a physical illness or even lose someone that you love. No matter how prepared we think we are – when life happens, it can toss us around like the wind in a storm. But when the storm passes over (and it always does), we realize that not only have we survived the storm, but we are stronger for the struggle. We have a new appreciation for the blessings that have come our way. We have now “been there and done that.” Now, just as the trees lost a few leaves and limbs last night, we may come out of the storm, a little battered and bruised, but behold, the blue of the sky is bigger than the clouds. Hang in there! We’ve got this!

I don’t know what storms you are going through right now. Don’t forget to tap into the power of prayer. You are not alone and there is nothing that God can’t handle. We just have to ask. Simply blessed, Courtney

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