Who Knew?

This past Friday, I was asked to tell my story on the “Learn MORE About Park Lane Jewelry and Life as a Stylist” Facebook group. I was surprised because I really haven’t done anything “special,” yet I was so humbled and honored to be asked. It ended up being an amazing experience. Who knew that so many people could relate to my story? I joined Park Lane because I was looking for FUN! But, I’ve stayed because having my own business has changed who I am.

Did you know that fear is the number one reason why people don’t step outside of their comfort zone and try something new? I’ve hear the acronym F-E-A-R used two ways. One is fear – “False Evidence Appears Real.” We think that others will talk about us or we tell ourselves that we’re too busy or I’ve heard over and over, “I’m just not a salesman.” What that really means is that either you don’t have faith in the business or you don’t have faith in yourself – you have a limited belief in what you can accomplish. I so get that feeling. I’ve been there, done that, and got the T-shirt – especially when I was hiding behind a hundred pounds of weight a couple of years ago. I felt that if I couldn’t get control of one part of my life, I was doomed in other areas, but having my own business has taught me that I can pretty much do whatever I put my mind to doing. The main thing is to show up every day and do the work. People buy from those that they know, like, and trust. It’s my job to show them that I’m that person. (Oh, and the other F-E-A-R acronym is “Forget Everything And RUN!” I personally don’t run. So, if you ever see me running, you better start running, too, because something is chasing me! Lol!)

Another way that having my own business has changed me is that I’ve learned that it’s okay to be told, “No.” Why do we take a “no” so seriously? It could be a “No, not now,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean “No – forever.” When we dine at a nice restaurant and the waitress asks if we saved room for dessert, we aren’t insulted that she asked – that’s her job. And she doesn’t take it personally if we say, “No, thank you! We’re full!” In the same way, I’ve come to almost look forward to that “No” because it means that now we can have a conversation about it. Are you afraid to ask someone if they’d like to study the Bible with you? If you get a “No,” it doesn’t mean that you’ve done something wrong – it means that you’ve done something right! Now, the ball is in “their court,” so to speak.

Who knew that I’d end up selling jewelry online? I never dreamed that I’d be a salesman, but at what other job can I be a walking billboard? Everyone I go, someone comments on my earrings or my bracelets – it gives me the opportunity to share my story. Let’s face it – I am living a six year old girl’s dream – I get to play “dress-up” every day! I LOVE IT! Today, if someone asks, “Well – what does Courtney do now?”  The simple answer might be “Oh, she sells jewelry!”  But, Friends – it is so much more.  I’m on a mission to help women feel as beautiful as they look – to empower them with the knowledge and opportunity to change their lives – to enable them to have more, to do more for themselves and their families, and most importantly – to be more.

I’d like to challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone and see the possibilities! You can do personal evangelism. You can lead prayer in Bible class. You can invite someone to come to church with you next week. You are amazing! Never forget not only “who” you are, but “Whose” you are. Simply blessed, Courtney

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