Do You Need a Breakthrough?

I participated in an amazing training yesterday with world-renown Tony Robbins. He was amazing! I couldn’t write notes fast enough. But, one of the things that stuck with me was the topic of “Change – How do you have a breakthrough?” What happens when you know that you’ve had enough of being the way you are? When we feel like we need to make some changes in our lives, we usually start with the “strategy “of how we’re going to do it. But strategy is the least important aspect, and we’ll rarely succeed if we start with the “how.” The second part of a breakthrough is our “story.” This is the set of beliefs that we tell ourselves. We normally find what we’re looking for. We tell ourselves, “I’ve tried EVERYTHING!”, but, like what? Being a victim has so much power in today’s society. If we want to change our lives, we have to change our stories. What controls our focus is the story we tell ourselves. But the most important part of having a breakthrough is the emotional “state” that we start with – it’s the “why!” The state of being will create a new story which will lead to new strategies. You can’t start with the “how!” You must begin with the “Why?”

So, often we start out backwards. We come up with methods and experiment with “how” we’re going to do something. If we need to lose weight, we might experiment with different diet plans or exercise regiments, but six months later, we still need to lose weight. We tell ourselves – “I’m big boned!” or “I’ve tried that before and it didn’t work,” and we believe the stories that we tell ourselves. When life doesn’t match what we think it should be, we get depressed and give up. We need to start with what needs to be done. Why do we need to make that change? Tony said, “You don’t experience life – you experience the life you focus on.” Are you focusing on why you don’t have what you want?

How many times do you need to change? Well, as many times as it takes! If you start in the right emotional state, change the story that you tell yourself, and incorporate strategies that lead in the right direction – who knows what breakthroughs you will have in your life? Living the Christian life isn’t easy. We shouldn’t pray for life to be easier – we should pray, “Lord, make me stronger. In Jesus name, Amen.” Simply blessed, Courtney

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