A Reminder to Remember

I wrote this post last year on Memorial Day. May we always remember. . .

A memorial is something that keeps remembrance alive. It could be a monument, a plaque or a ceremony to honor the dead. Memorial Day in the United States was first celebrated as “Decoration Day,” on May 30, 1868. Then Ohio Congressman, James A. Garfield, who had served in the Union Army as a Major General, delivered an address before more than 5000 people at Arlington National Cemetery before the strewing of flowers upon the graves of the dead. The date of Decoration Day was chosen because it was not the actual anniversary date of any particular battle. It is now celebrated each year on the last Monday of May, creating a three day Federal holiday for most employees. Memorial Day is a day set aside to remember those who died in service for our country. They gave the ultimate sacrifice – their lives, and it is fitting that we honor them in such a way.

We must remember to remember the purpose and the meaning of Memorial Day. It’s not just about cookouts, good sales, and a paid vacation day off. It’s so much more. Because of the sacrifice of others, we have the right to worship without fear. As the saying goes, “All gave some, but some gave all.” On this Memorial Day, may we remember. God Bless, Courtney

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2 thoughts on “A Reminder to Remember

  1. So very true, Courtney.

    We as Christians celebrate a very special “Memorial Day” every Lord’s day when we gather around the Lord’s table to commemorate the One who can ask, “I gave, I gave my life for thee. What hast thou given for me?”

    Also, I think we should also remember those who gave their all in the early Church to spread the Gospel to lost mankind; martyrs such as Stephen and all those who were put to death for simply spreading the good news of salvation in Christ Jesus and every other Christian put to death for their unyielding faith.

    Let us remember those martyrs who gave all to get the Bible translated into English and into the hands of every person; people like William Tyndale who hung for it.

  2. I like!

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