You’ve Come Too Far. . .

All great inventors and entrepreneurs start with a vision. They see a need or a problem and try to come up with a way to fill that need or solve that problem. Sometimes success happens quickly while at others times, it’s a painstakingly slow process. They could have given up at any time. In fact, I’m sure that many times, others would negatively say, “I wish you’d. . . “ or use the “I knew you couldn’t do it!”

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve got a great idea. You are ready to make changes in your life. You’re so excited! You may even get started, but then, the going gets rough. Others think that you should give up. Perhaps you even think that “there’s no way,” but this is the time when you must look into your soul and say, “I’ve come too far to just come this far!”

You must come to the realization of just how important you are. God sent His Son to die on the cross to make a way for “you” to go to heaven. You are a child of God! Living the Christian life isn’t easy, but like The Hebrew writer said, “We must finish the race that has been set before us“ (Hebrews 12:1). Hang in there – you’ve come too far to just come this far. For we are all simply blessed, Courtney

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  1. And won’t it be wonderful there!!

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