No Rest for the Weary?

Last week I did the Scripture Writing Schedule on “Weary.” (5.1) I had no idea when I made the schedule up that it would end up being the the week that I “put up Christmas” and was – well, so very WEARY! You know all kinds of things can make us weary. We can be weary physically from hard work or continual caretaking of a loved one. If so, we understand how Jeremiah felt when woke up saying, “my sleep was sweet unto me” (Jeremiah 31:26b). We can also be weary mentally. Perhaps we’ve been trying to make an important decision or cram for a test, and we’re mentally exhausted. But, we can also be exhausted emotionally. Steve knows what I mean when I say “That is draining me!” It means – I can’t stand it any longer and we’ve got to do something about it! I saw a sign once that said, “Kitchen closed! This Chick’s Had It!” Every woman who cooked Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner for a large family can all relate to that one!

There were a couple of interesting “weary” verses – one in Luke 18, when the king decides to “avenge the widow because she troubled me, lest by her continual coming, she weary me” (Luke 18:5). I know that feeling because while I was trying to write this blog, Rosie was determined that it was time to get out of her pen. And her continual whining wore me down! lol There’s also the proverb that warns against being too frequent a guest – “Withdraw thy foot from thy neighbor’s house, lest he be weary of thee and so hate thee” (Proverbs 25:17). It reminds me of that “joke” (or is it?) that “guests and fish start to stink after three days.” LOL

We are encouraged in several places to “let us not be weary in well doing” (Galatians 6:9) and “be not weary in well doing” (II Thessalonians 3:13b). Not being weary in well doing means we should spend our time doing well – doing things that bring comfort and aid to others and living our lives in such a way that others will see the good that we do and want to know more about Christ and His church. We are promised a reward “in due season, if we faint not” (Galatians 6:9b).

If you’re feeling a bit weary at the moment, know that God offers respite “in a weary land” (Isaiah 32:2b). He alone can cause “the weary to rest” (Isaiah 28:12). Oh, how we are “simply blessed,” Courtney

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