“Hello, Winter”

A typical American woman lives to be 81 years old. If you divide that number by four, you’re looking at approximately 20 years. So the spring of life would be from birth – 20; summer from 21-40, fall from 41-60, and the winter of life being from 61-80. Guess what? As of yesterday – “Hello, Winter!” Yes, I celebrated my birth 61 years ago yesterday. I find all of the differing opinions on birthdays to be very interesting. Some people get very upset, if you mention that – shhh. . . “they are a day older!” Others are so very proud of the fact and tell anyone and everyone that “Today is their Day!” Social media has certainly changed how many people remember (or are reminded) that it’s your birthday! I had over 200 people send me greetings yesterday! I was so humbled. I read each one, thinking about how I knew that person and what part of my life, we shared. I heard from childhood friends in Bolivar, TN where I grew up. I heard from dear friends who attended the Memphis School of Preaching when we lived in Memphis. There were salutations from members of every congregation with which we’ve worked – in Heber Springs, AR, Bolivar, TN, Slidell, LA, and of course, Doniphan, MO where we’ve lived for over 26 years. I heard from Doniphan Elementary friends, where I was the Parents as Teachers Program Coordinator for ten years, HRS Erase Eligibility, Inc. friends, Missouri Highlands Healthcare friends, Southeast Hospital of Ripley County, SEMO Behavioral Health and Current River Sheltered Workshop friends. Then, there are the many friends that I may not have met in person, but through my Park Lane Jewelry business, but I consider to be the dearest of friends. And my church family – oh, how I am simply blessed!

I have very mixed emotions about my birthday. In 2000, we buried my Daddy on my birthday and it forever changed. Then, in 2015, I spent my “birthday night,” alone, in a hospital waiting room while they stabilized Steve after a virus attacked his heart. It was on the 13th, that the doctor came in and told me, “If he makes it through the next 24 hours, he might qualify for a heart transplant.” I was never more terrified in my life. We literally told each other, “good-bye,” but God heard the thousands of prayers raised in his behalf, and we don’t take our lives for granted. Having a birthday is a blessing that many will not enjoy this year. I am humbled by all of those who thought of me this week. Thank you for making this “ole girl” feel special! I always did like winter! That’s the season of my birthday! Bring it on! Courtney

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  1. Courtney, you have certainly had a full life, both good snd bad, but still blessed. Now that you are in the “winter “ of your life, maybe you can enjoy the slower pace! 🥰🥰.

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