It’s Almost Garden Time (Part 1)

It’s almost “Garden Planting Time,” and I’m actually excited. Growing up, we never had a “garden.” We had tomato plants – does that count? Maybe? But, this year Steve and I are planning on putting in a “real garden. And, man, we’ve got A LOT OF WORK to do before we can even begin planting. We got to clear a new garden spot – there are some trees, stumps and brush that need to go. Then, we’ll have to prepare the soil – it will need tilling, fertilizer, and tilling some more. I’m sure we’ll be forever picking up rocks and pulling weeds. There is much to do, if we want to plant anytime soon.

In the same way, as a Christian, if we want to grow – we’ve got some preparations to do. We have to get ready – we have to attend worship services, study God’s Word to see what He wants us to do, and practice serving others. We need to add trainings and perhaps an older Christian mentor to help answer questions that we may have. And we need to get rid of the rocks and weeds of doubt, fear, and worry about what negative people may say when they see the change in our life.

Yes, if we want to be productive in the work of the church, we need to do some preparation. We need to set aside some time each day to “write on my heart every word.” Oh, how we are simply blessed, Courtney

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