The Common Courtesy of Common Courtesy

I believe that we are failing the next generation. It seems to me that folks have forgotten the common courtesy of common courtesy! It used to be when you invited someone over, they would let you know if they’re coming or not. Or if they gave you a gift, you sent them a thank you note. (I remember as a small child, I always wanted to write my great-aunt Lena a thank you note for my Christmas present because she always sent me back a thank you note for my thank you note! Getting mail is important for an eight year old! Lol) You certainly received a “Thank You note” when you sent a gift. Today? It’s not happening! People used to say, “Hello!” when they met you – whether they knew you or not. It was not unusual to hear “Yes, mam,” and “No, mam.” Ladies were virtuous – and that was respected. A gentlemen ALWAYS opened the door for a lady and walked on the outside of the sidewalk.

Maybe, that’s where the problem is – we’ve stopped raising little ladies and gentlemen! In today’s society, some are even in doubt if their new child is a boy or girl – guess we’ll let them grow up a little and let the child decide what it wants to be. How sad! Important teaching time is being wasted. Being a “lady” is almost a lost art. I know many, many girls and women, but there are few gracious ladies in our midst. You know who they are = because they stand out! Men have rejected their God-given leadership role in the home, and many women (God Bless Them), have had to step up to the role. God’s plan for the family has been tossed aside, and with it, the teaching of our children to be courteous and have nice manners! If our children aren’t taught themselves, how will they know to teach their children? Common courtesy isn’t very common, is it?

God bless those parents, including those wonderful single moms and dads who demand that their child doesn’t just say, “yeah,” but says, ‘Yes, mam,” and “No, sir.” Parenting is such a difficult job, but, oh, the rewards! When I was a young preacher’s wife, I once told an older woman that I wanted to be like her – a gracious, kind older Christian lady. Her answer was, “Then, you’ll need to practice being a gracious, kind YOUNGER Christian lady.” And that, folks, is wise advice! Simply Blessed, Courtney

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  1. Well said!

  2. Excellent! !!

  3. Good lesson for sure…..Mary Noblin

  4. Agree–sounds like Mrs. Looney!!

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